22 Day Vegan Weight Loss

jloJ-Lo says the 22 day vegan diet helped her lose 10 lbs.  I can’t tell if she’s just shilling for the diet plan or if that really did help her lose weight. J-Lo’s trainer Tracy Anderson says J-Lo does rigorous high intensity dance workouts along with light weight training exercises.  Samuel L. Jackson says a vegan diet is responsible for a whopping 40lb weight loss. He says he feels better than ever. The thing is, you can be a FAT vegetarian. All you have to do is eat too many sugars, like sweets or pasta. It still comes down to calories.  You need to take in less than you burn to lose weight. If you are already overweight, eat high calorie sweets, don’t workout regularly, and then keep doing that during a 22 day vegan challenge, you could end up not losing weight at all.