The 22 day Vegan Challenge

Popularized by Jay-Z and Beyoncé, the 22 day vegan challenge is the latest  fad / trend to hit the celebrity circuit. I am already a vegetarian so  I accepted the 22 day challenge without hesitation back in January.  However, I cant’ help but wonder if this latest bandwagon will convert any real meat eaters to that diet. Firstly,  a drastic dietary change can be very hard to maintain once the novelty wears off. Secondly, we are in Summer, which is barbecue season. I don’t think this is a good time for people to test their will-power to become plant only eaters. In any case, the 22 day vegan challenge encourages healthier eating and starts people off with a reasonable, but challenging goal.  Need some help before going all the way? Try eating only vegan breakfasts for a week. After that, add vegan lunches for another week.  Finally, skip the meat aisle and  pickup veggies. fruits, and grains at the market and make vegan dinners.  Then take the challenge.